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Hey, you need to read this!

A captivating headline is the most important piece of your content. Learn to create the right headlines!

Hey, you need to read this!

A captivating headline is the most important piece of your content. Learn to create headlines that can’t be ignored.

We’ve talked about this before: quality content is the most important traffic generator to your website. It can become an important sales tool as well, if you harness the power of automated email marketing.

There is one piece of your content which is more important than all the rest: the headline.

According to different estimates, you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Some experts only give you three seconds to convince your reader to keep reading, while others are generous enough to give you the whole seven seconds before the readers decide whether to stay on your site or to move over to the next interesting thing.

Try out these proven headline strategies to make sure your readers get to the end of your amazing articles.

Nothing gets the attention like a list

Numbers in headlines work like a charm. Like these ones:

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List headlines work because they make a clear promise and lay out the process step-by-step so that your reader feels like they can follow the advice and get the results for themselves, too.

Speak directly to your audience

Another catchy way to start your articles is to talk directly to your audience Using words like ”you” and “your” or giving direct advice to your audience creates an instant connection and makes them feel you’re addressing their concerns directly.

Questions also tend to work well as headlines because they immediately make people reflect and wonder what the answer is.

What do you think of these two, for example?

Did you know you can get kicked out of a consumer panel?

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Talk about pains and gains

A good headline is not only logical, it’s also emotional. The emotional connection can be built through addressing your readers’ pain points and struggles and offering solutions.

Whenever you can, bring these elements to your headline. Mention a problem your audience is struggling with or show a solution that can make their lives easier.

This way:

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Keep this in mind when drafting headlines

As clickable as your headlines need to be in order to survive in the distracted online world, keep in mind that your text needs to deliver what your headline promises. So don’t exaggerate!

Headline writing is a skill like any other and that said, it can take some practice. Many content creators expect the perfect headline to pop up in their text automatically but it rarely does.

Allocate time for brainstorming and fine tuning your headline and write at least 10-15 different options before deciding The more the merrier: experienced writers often write at least 20-30 alternatives before finding the one.

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