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3 skills that will boost your earnings online for free

If you want to earn more money with your website, you have to uplevel three skills

3 skills that will boost your earnings online for free

Uplevel these three skills if you want to earn more money with your website.

Earning money online can be easy and fun if you get a few basic things right. Even with a relatively low site visitor count you can start earning money, especially if you leverage several revenue streams.

You don’t need to master all the secrets of coding or web design because many platforms do the hardest work for you. You don’t need to be a copywriting master or a content creation wizard either, but there are a few skills that can take you to the next level – and make your business more profitable.

Luckily, all of these can be improved online – for free or for a very affordable price.

1. Design & photo editing skills

Whether you have a blog, a YouTube channel or a successful social media group, you’ll need some basic design elements. A logo, a blog banner, social media content, maybe cropping and enhancing photos… While you don’t need to have a degree in graphic design or photography, a set of basic skills can help you create a consistent branding that attracts clients and makes you more bankable. If you can take care of these simple tasks yourself, you’ll end up saving money and time because you don’t have to turn to a professional for every minor visual project.

Try out these free resources:

Canva offers an exhaustive library of templates for every need a beginning online entrepreneur can encounter. Better yet: they have a free plan with plenty of tutorials to guide you through any underwater design rocks on your path to success.

If you want to uplevel your skills without a hefty subscription fee, try out Alison Online. Their fee plan includes many graphic design courses. Shaw Academy and LinkedIn Learning both offer a free trial – you can learn a lot in a month!

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2. SEO

SEO – this acronym is in high demand! It refers to search engine optimisation, so, basically, to different strategies you can use to make your website rank high in Google search results. While no-one outside search engine companies really knows for sure how search algorithms work, a real industry has developed around the theme.

Try out these free resources:

Google’s own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide answers many of your questions (and a bunch you probably didn’t even think to ask) and takes you a long way. SEMrush and Yoast are both practical tools that analyse your site and let you know how you can improve. And it goes without saying they both have a free version.

3. Newsletter set-up

Do you already have a newsletter? Many content creators and online entrepreneurs are doing a great job with their blog and other content channels, but they tend to forget about a newsletter. Be wiser, and learn the basics of setting up a newsletter and start forging loyal customer relationships from the get-go.

Try out these free resources:

Marketing tool vendor HubSpot has a very thorough content bank on how to set up and leverage newsletters in your marketing – regardless of if you end up using their product or not.

MailChimp offers a free list up to 2000 subscribers, and Sendinblue beats even that with its unlimited free plan.

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