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Create a perfect nurture funnel for your newsletter subscribers

Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate revenue online. Create an automated nurture sequence to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Create a perfect nurture funnel for your newsletter subscribers

Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate revenue online – often without you lifting a finger! Creating an automated nurture sequence takes your email marketing to the next level.

Last time we talked about email marketing basics that will get your sales started. How are those tactics working out for you?

If everything is going smoothly, you are probably ready to take things to the next level!

Especially if your product is downloadable – and hence completely automated – only the sky’s the limit when it comes to email marketing. Whether you have a service or even a physical product, email marketing done right can skyrocket your sales.

Create a nurture funnel

One of the first things you’ll need is to set up a “nurture sequence”. . It probably sounds more complicated than it is: it is a series of automated emails that people will get a few days or a week after they’ve subscribed to your newsletter.

It can have a big impact on your business though, because it allows people to get to know you – and to buy your first product!

How to get started?

In the first message, you’ll want to present yourself – and maybe resend a link to the freebie people downloaded when subscribing to your list. Don’t start selling right away. The idea is to give them a chance to get to know you and to learn that you’re the best in your industry.

In the second message, tell them a little bit more about who you are and why you are special. If you have several free products, slip another one in this message. If you offer free consultations, this is also a great place to remind your followers of that. The more value you share for free, the more likely people will be interested to buy from you.

From your third message you can present your paid offer.

Remember: you don’t want to try selling something too fancy or expensive. Ebooks, online courses or workshops are perfect options.

Wrap up with value

Your last message depends on the outcome of the previous one: for those who grabbed your amazing offer, send a thank you note and a link to your customer testimonial survey.

Pamper also those who didn’t buy. They might become clients later, so keep on nurturing the relationship. Send a few links to your most valuable free content, for example, or remind them of that free consultation they have Welcome all the questions and queries via email.

Test and fine-tune

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the technological aspect of newsletters. Give yourself some time to get familiar with your email service provider, set your sequence up and adjust whenever needed.

It’s often a good idea to follow your data for a few weeks and then fine-tune your funnel. Your email service provider will provide you with exact figures of how many people open your messages. Use that data to find out where you lose your followers and take it from there.

Even though it is a little bit of work in the beginning, the results of automated sales funnels will be worth it in the long run.

Blog Photo by Stephen Phillips – Hostreviews.co.uk / Unsplash