The Surveyeah online paid surveys are a great and safe way to earn a few euros from home safely.

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The Surveyeah consumer panel

What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is an online consumer panel, by registering you will participate in market research to outline the features that products not yet launched on the market will have. You will receive the paid surveys by email and when you complete them you will see your balance increase.

Does it cost anything to register on the surveyeah panel?

Registration is free, you can only earn money. You will not be asked for account details, only an email address for PayPal transfers. Alternatively, you can request gift vouchers that will be sent to you in digital format (your address is not necessary).

Can anyone register with surveyeah?

To participate in the paid surveys you must be 18 years of age or older and live in the selected country. We are always looking for different profiles in order to have a more representative sample.

Is my data safe?

Of course, you can also choose to complete your profile anonymously. In any case, we have adopted every reasonably implementable technique to protect the data entered by our panelists. The data is not transferred to third parties for advertising purposes. Even the responses to paid surveys are always treated and presented collectively. An example? 100% of respondents said that Surveyeah is a great website.

Why is some data provided?

To better sort our customers’ paid surveys (leading research institutes in London and multinational companies operating worldwide, and to send you only surveys that are suited to your interests, it is advised that you also fill in the optional data. The online surveys are calibrated to your interests and you will have a more rewarding experience.

Can I tell a friend, relative or colleague?

Certainly, you can ask anyone you want to register. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no incentives for affiliations.

Your Surveyeah account

How can i access my account?

You log in by using your registered email address and the password on this page.

I do not remember the password, how do i retrieve it?

To retrieve your password, you can click on the link on this page and enter your registration email address.

Can i change my registration email address?

Yes. Log into your account, click on the update profile button and you will be directed to the screen to change your email address.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Log into your account, click on the update profile button and you will be directed to the screen to change your password.

How do I cancel my account?

Log into your account, click on the update profile button and you will be directed to the screen where you can cancel the account.

Account balance and conversion

How do I check my balance?

Log into your account, click on the redeem rewards button and you will be directed to the screen where you can check your balance. Your balance will appear in your homepage and in the “Rewards” section

How does the Surveyeah payment system work?

You will receive a reward after completing each paid survey. The account will be credited when the number of responses required by the market research has been collected. It can take up to one month from the date of participation. The credit will be in proportion to the average time it takes for all the panelists to complete the paid survey. Surveyeah reserves the right to not credit the reward if the answers were given randomly.

When can I download the balance?

You can convert the balance on PayPal and similar platforms, or in digital gift vouchers; you may check the thresholds in your country here.
You can convert the balance on PayPal/Skrill/Western Union/Moneygram, or in digital gift vouchers. The minimum threshold may vary depending on the type of reward.

How do I redeem the rewards?

Log into your account, click on the redeem rewards button, and you will be directed to the screen where you can check and redeem your balance. In the case of credit on PayPal / Skrill/ Western Union / Moneygram you can indicate an email other than the one registered in Surveyeah.

The online paid surveys

How do I respond to paid surveys?

Paid surveys will only be sent by email from major market research companies regarding famous international brands. The surveys in the blog do not entitle you to a reward.

How much do you earn from online paid surveys?

For each completed survey, you earn between £0.25 and £4 depending on the duration, most surveys last 5-20 minutes and entitle you to a credit from £0.50 to £2 ($).

How long does a paid survey last?

Surveys can last from 1 minute to 45 minutes, most last from 5 to 15 minutes.

How often do you receive surveys?

Every week, possibly, depending on customers’ demands you could receive between 2 and 4 per month.

What are the topics of the surveys?

Everything, but in particular the areas that you have indicated as a preference.

Are the paid surveys safe?

Yes. Paid surveys are a safe way to earn a few dollars, your privacy is guaranteed, and you will not be asked for sensitive data.

When will I receive Credit?

Credit will come at the close of the survey, the exact amount is calculated based on the average time taken by all the panelists to respond to the survey. It can take up to a month to get all the answers needed to close a survey.

I cannot open a paid survey that you sent me, what can i do?

We suggest trying to copy and paste the link of the survey directly into the browser as some Internet providers do not allow you to open the link directly from the email. Remember to enter our email address nicolo[chiocciola]surveyeah.com in your contacts so that our emails do not go into the spam folder. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can i complete paid surveys from my mobile device (smartphone or tablet)?

Although you can access your profile, change the fields, and request the conversion of Paypal or other rewards from a mobile device, some online surveys use Flash Adobe and this is not supported by all smartphones and tablets. To be sure you can open a survey, we suggest that you use a PC.

I was unable to complete a survey, why not?

Sometimes panelists with a profile similar to yours have already completed a sufficient number of the surveys; you will receive another paid survey soon afterward. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I rarely receive surveys, why?

You participate in all profile information to maximize survey reception It may happen that your profile is not in high demand from customers, or that customers have less market research to complete. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.