Legal information

Legal information

Before you register, please read the terms and conditions of use.

Tradatech Srl, sole proprietorship, has created the website with the intention of collecting personal data in an anonymous form from users and sending online paid surveys to members. The general conditions described below and the applicable laws regulate the use of the website. By registering on the site, or merely browsing and using it, you accept the general conditions without reservation, and all other agreements established with the Surveyeah Panel are subject to these same conditions.

General information

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The site, owned by Tradatech Srl (sole proprietorship), is regulated by Italian legislation

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Intellectual property rights

The Surveyeah consumer Panel owns, or has been given the right by third parties for the use of, all the features integrated into the site, such as text, slogans, drawings, images, photographs, and animated sequences, with or without sound. The content of the site and its parts are not to be reproduced without express permission, neither on a computer nor on paper. The copying, alteration, modification, publication, distribution, sale or use of the site content in any way or any part thereof is prohibited, unless explicitly permitted by the Surveyeah Panel.

Links to and from Surveyeah

As a formality, consent via email from the Surveyeah panel is needed to create a link to the site, and the website manager should be contacted in order to include a link to the Surveyeah site on an external website. The Surveyeah Panel cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for the content, available services, or the updating of sites that contain links to

When publishing articles and content for users, Surveyeah puts outbound links to other Internet sites that are of interest; the Surveyeah Panel can not be held responsible for the information and material published on linked sites. If any external site is considered inappropriate in its choice of content, Surveyeah can disable the link at any time without notice.


To register for the Surveyeah Panel, an email address and a password are required. The member will be responsible for preserving the confidentiality of the password and account information and is required to promptly contact the Surveyeah Panel in the event of unauthorized use of the account. Logging out of the account at the end of each session is strongly recommended to each member. The breach of these precautions relieves Surveyeah of any liability.

Service activation and opening an account

To register for the Surveyeah Panel users must enter specific information in the registration form (name, email, gender, year of birth and post code). After entering this data, you will be sent a confirmation email, click on the link in the confirmation email and you will become a member of the Surveyeah Panel.

Italian laws regulate the entire process and access to the website, which can be modified at any time by Surveyeah. If for any reason you do not think you can accept the terms and conditions of use, it is not recommended that you join the Surveyeah site. Italian courts are the only competent courts in the event of a dispute between the parties.


The Surveyeah Panel send paid surveys via email to its members, participation is voluntary and optional. The paid surveys are created and sent directly by the company’s customers, Surveyeah members who are asked to respond are randomly selected among the profiles suitable to respond to the survey. The data entered on the account is used to profile the consumers and to detect their suitability for various surveys. By participating in and completing the survey, the member will be paid in euros convertible via PayPal, or via vouchers and rewards when the thresholds are reached.

Members can cancel their account at any time. If the account is cancelled when the balance is positive but the minimum threshold required for conversion has not been reached, the balance will be lost and can no longer be converted.

I accept this agreement for the use of the Surveyeah site.

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