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Surveyeah sends paid online surveys to its members. Our job is to find people to answer questions from home regarding well-known international groups.

In exchange for time spent responding to surveys, you will receive dollars or pounds convertible via PayPal/Skrill/Western Union/Moneygram and Amazon gift vouchers, you can also donate them to charity.

A goal that we have set is to help students and graduate students complete their theses by finding the people who correspond to their research.

Active on the web since February 2014, we are currently present in 123 countries around the world in five continents.

Although we will probably not make you rich, we will always be up front with you and we hope to give you a hand with our articles and convey positivity , something that we need more and more of these days.

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From fashion to cars, from kitchens to technology, from home to travel, you will receive surveys on a wide range of topics in line with your profile and your preferences. You can complete them wherever and whenever you like and they rarely require more than 15 minutes of your time.

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What do the three monkeys represent?

In ancient times in the East, the three wise monkeys represented “see no evil”, “hear no evil”, “speak no evil”. There was also a fourth monkey with his arms crossed, to represent “do no evil”. The profound concept behind this is that if a person does not see or hear evil, he will not be able to speak evil and will only be able to do good. The fourth monkey was lost over time, along with the “wise one”, and the message has been distorted as “I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t speak.”

The basic idea we want to convey is that “I see good, hear good and am good at completing surveys” 🙂 The monkeys also impart happiness.

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