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Generate traffic to your website

If you wish to make money online, you need to get website traffic: people who visit your site. And to get that, you’ll need content that draws people in

Generate traffic to your website

Earn money online, part 2

Now that you’ve got your website up and running, it’s time to get people visiting it.

How did setting up your website go? If you have any questions, do let us know.

Now that your site is up and running, we need to talk about next steps. If you wish to make money online, you need to get website traffic: people who visit your site. And to get that, you’ll need content that draws people in.

Create quality content

Content is key. If you can’t provide value for people, they won’t visit your site.

However, there are millions of ways to create content, according to your own strong points and areas of interest. If you like writing, start a blog. If you’re at home in front of the camera, would video blogging, vlogging, work for you?

Or you could create a resource library around a certain topic and provide value by offering your followers a link library that meets their needs or hosting a discussion forum where they can share their views.

When you are determining your focus, think about what you are passionate about. It all starts from passion – because creating content is hard work and passion carries you along the way.

Optimize your SEO

While quality is key, you’ll also need some tech to help you along the way. SEO, the search engine optimization , makes it easier for people to fall upon your site while they are searching for information.

While Google, for example, does not reveal the exact science of how they rank the search results, there are some key principles that you can follow in order to improve your content’s visibility:

  • Repeat the key words in your title, subtitle and in the beginning of the text
  • Publish new content regularly on your site, on your blog, for example
  • Think about links: add internal links between blog posts as well as external links to appreciated and much visited sites, such as news portals
  • Don’t use cheap tricks! Internet is filled with tips that promise you visibility quickly and effortlessly, such as buying links, for example. Don’t fall for these attempts. Building visibility is a long game and shortcuts won’t take you anywhere.

Share your content on social media

Especially in the beginning, it’s important to share your content on as many platforms as you can to improve your traffic in an organic way. Share your content on your personal profiles, in groups you are part of and think of creating a profile for your business / website as well.

If you wish to boost your traffic a little bit more, think about creating a few social media ad campaigns. Facebook and Instagram ads are an easy and affordable way to get started.

Coming next…

In the coming parts, we’ll start talking about techniques that will get the money rolling in.

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