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Do you want to improve your lead generation during summer?

Lead generation is the first step of the sales funnel, but in the summer traffic typically slows down. These seven strategies speed things up!

Do you want to improve your lead generation during summer?

Lead generation is the first step of the sales funnel but in the summer, traffic typically slows down. These seven strategies speed things up!

One of the most frequent questions on the question and answer platform Quora is“How to gain traction for my website?” It comes in various forms: “How to get traffic?”, “Where to find leads?” or “What is the best way to improve my website’s visibility?”

It’s an understandable question, because when you aim to monetize your website, attracting leads is the first step. The more leads you have, the more people will subscribe to your newsletter, download your free product or order your paid service.

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To help you boost your lead generation, we want to share with you seven best tricks to attract people to your amazing site.

1. Share your content on social media

Quality content is key – but it’s not enough to create brilliant content and then just let it lay on your website. Showcase it also on all your social media accounts. Remember: it’s perfectly okay to share the same piece of content more than once, because your followers didn’t necessarily see it the first time or maybe they have forgotten about it!

2. Participate in discussions

While sharing your content on your own social media channels is a good start, it only gets you in front of people who already know and follow you. To broaden your network, engage with other accounts, participate in discussions in groups and in other people’s feeds. Do this regularly to guarantee a steady stream of followers towards your own profiles and your site.

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3. Answer questions in Quora

We already know it: people ask a lot of questions in Quora! Answer ones that match your expertise and add a relevant link to your answer to guide people to your website. Don’t spam though. Engage only in discussions where you can add value authentically and add your link only if it brings something extra to the table.

4. Write an ebook

If writing is your thing, write an ebook and share it as a free downloadable on your site.An ebook doesn’t have to include 200 pages. It can be a compilation of your best blog posts completed with some fresh information. If writing is not your jam, try a downloadable audio file or video.

5. Craft punchy headlines

Make sure all your content is high-quality and pay special attention to headlines and the first lines of your texts. You typically only have less than 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention, so these elements must be top notch.

6. Share exclusive perks

Downloadables are a good way to gain traction on your website, but if you want to take it up a notch, share on your site perks that you don’t deliver elsewhere. It can be anything from discount coupons to free samples to free audits and consultations, depending on your industry. Leverage social media to spread the word about the exclusivities but make people land on to your site and ideally opt in to your newsletter before delivering the perks.

7. Leverage social media ads

Social media advertising can be a good way to boost your traffic – but be careful in the beginning!

While you can get started with only a few dollars, you want to make sure you actually get return on investment, which means more site visits and more opt-ins or even a few sales. So start small and keep an eye on the results before going all-in.

Should I do them all?

Now, you’ve got some ideas to get started! And no, you don’t need to try them all, at least at once. Pick two or three that seem nice and easy for you and test them out! After a few weeks, look at your results and maybe add one or two new techniques to the mix.

Most importantly, have fun and be creative! If you come up with great ideas, share them in the comments below.