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The #1 way to multiply your online revenue

If you want to scale your online revenue, there is one thing to look at very closely.

The #1 way to multiply your online revenue

If you want to scale your online revenue, there is one thing to look at very closely.

Generating traffic to your site is important when aiming to gain some money online. Site visitors are crucial for making money through ad sales, for example.

But if you want to scale those visitor numbers (and with that, your ad revenue) and also diversify your revenue streams through your own products or affiliate marketing (What is that again? We explain it here),you can’t rely solely on gaining new followers. You need to find a way to make those same people come back, time and time again.

Why is that important?

If you want to make money through affiliate marketing or brand collaborations, you need to grow a loyal tribe that believes what you say. To grow this kind of opinion leader position, you need to connect with your tribe on a more profound level. You need to connect with them more than once. It’s even more important if you want to start selling your own products. (Stay tuned, more on that later!).

Step 1: Create new content consistently

To make people come back, you need to create high-quality content. And you need to do that consistently. Imagine a keen follower who finds that one of your articles is really golden and comes back the next week to find more. But there is nothing. And the same happens the week after that, and the week after that. If you’re putting out your next piece in one monthly, how many of your loyal followers are going to be there then? Not many, and you need to start over.

Step 2: Use as many channels as you can to back you up

Not every follower is so keen to keep up with you that they would check up on your site regularly. So do your best to make sure they get their eye on your latest piece of content. Use social media, post your content on groups and networks to get it in front of as many pairs of eyes as possible. Collaborate with other content creators to widen both of your audiences.

Step 3: Ask questions – and always reply

A good way to engage with your audience is to ask questions At the end of your podcasts, blogs or videos, on your social media and newsletter… whichever the communication channel. And when they come back with answers be sure to be there and answer! This might feel like a lot of work in the beginning but you’ll quickly see how this kind of authentic connection brings you more and more readers or watchers who actually stick!

Because we always live as we preach, we’ll wrap this text with a question: Which one of these strategies are you putting in action today? Let us know in the comments!