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Set your product on autopilot and multiply your online revenue

Automate your sales magnet and skyrocket your online revenue. Here’s how to do it.

Set your product on autopilot and multiply your online revenue

Automate your sales magnet and skyrocket your online revenue. Here’s how to do it.

Did you take our advice from last week and create your first paid product? Good job!

Now it’s time to listen to your audience and tweak your product as you go. When you see your digital offer take off, it’s time to talk about automation. Thanks to automation, you’ll be able to multiply your online revenue quickly.

It all starts with a pop-up

First things first: you need a good product that you have tested with clients before automating things. Automation is a powerful tool but it only works if your offer is something people want, love and appreciate. Testing will also allow you to fix any eventual hick-ups and glitches before widening your client base.

But one you’re confident your work is good, there’s no sense in hiding it from the world. Start with your own site and make sure everyone who lands there sees your product. One of the best strategies is to set up a pop-up window that appears every time someone comes to your site.

Don’t make the pop-up about your paid service, though. Encourage people to sign up for your free product first, to get their email address.

Marry your pop-up with an email service provides

What happens when someone clicks on your pop-up and wants to know more? They give you their email address, like you were hoping for, and gain access to your freebie.

Now you have their contact information and can set up an automated email sequence. It sounds a little bit more complicated than it actually is. It’s only a series of 2-4 emails that are sent automatically to people who sign up.

In these emails you’ll present yourself to people and tell more about your services – both free and paid. At the end of the series, you make an offer for your paid one.

Automate the delivery

Now you’ve got interested people on your email list and they receive automatically information about your paid offer. So you have clients coming in without you lifting a finger! Not everyone will buy, that’s for sure, but some of them will, and you’ll see your revenue streams grow by the day.

To get the most out of the system, automate also the delivery of the paid product, if possible. Add a payment link to your email service.

If your product is downloadable, you can use services like Zapier to automate its delivery. If it’s something that requires your time, you can still automate the scheduling process with Calendly or SimplyBook, for example. It takes care of the whole booking process for you, and all you need to do is to show up for the appointment.

Tweak as you go

If your product has not skyrocketed just yet, don’t give up. In the beginning, it might take time for you to figure out which products and sales arguments appeal to your audience the best. Listen to your audience and try to find out how your product could meet their needs better.

When you do see things picking up, it’s time to up your email marketing game – and that’s what we will talk about next week. Stay tuned!

Photo © Digital Buggu / Pexels