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Five simple email marketing strategies that will 10X your automated revenue

Automated product funnels bring in a steady flow of income without you doing much work. You can multiply your results with our simple email marketing strategies.

Five simple email marketing strategies that will 10X your automated revenue

Automated product funnels rule because they bring in a steady flow of income without you doing much work. Better yet, you can multiply your results by these simple email marketing strategies.

How are those automated funnels working for you? Remember, it sometimes takes a lot of trial and error – and the thing that separates successful email marketers from less successful ones is the fact that they’ve tried more times!

It’s important to remember the step-by-step process here: you can’t jump to scaling your revenue before fixing the first steps first. Start with the freebie and find one that converts. Then, put out a paid product. Test it out, and when you see people love it, set it on automation. And when you see your automation works, try these tricks to scale your conversions.

These five email marketing strategies help you boost your automated funnels and take your conversion rate through the roof!

1. Send emails regularly – even when you’re not selling anything

Email marketing is an effective way to convert your list followers into paying clients. However, it won’t be enough to email your list only when you want to sell them something. You need to connect with them regularly. This is called nurturing your list.

Nurturing is important because people don’t want to be rushed to buy. Someone may join your list by downloading a freebie one day – and only end up buying several months laters. During those months, you can nudge them toward buying by sending emails regularly and reminding them this way of your existence.

2. Always add value

When you do send out those regular messages, make sure they always add value to your followers’ lives. Share your best tips or some of your personal experiences on the field. Let them know, if you have a new blog post or video on your site or an amazing affiliate offer available.

3. Give them special perks

Make your list feel like they are special. They have a deeper connection with you than people who read your blog or follow you on YouTube – reward them for that. A reward can be an exclusive discount coupon or a free sample every now and then. It can also be a chance to get their hands on a new product or service before anyone else.

But at the same time, it can also be something as simple as sharing tips you don’t share elsewhere or sharing more personal insight with them.

4. Show interest in them

A good way to improve your list’s engagement – and conversion – is to connect with people. Ask them questions and encourage them to write you back. And when they do, be sure to answer.

5. Remember a clear Call-to-Action

Whatever you do, always end your message with a clear call-to-action. One at every post – only one at every post!

What is the one thing you want people to do? Buy your new product? Share their experiences with you? Check out your latest blog post? Your Call-to-Action doesn’t need to be about selling people something. More often, it should actually be about connecting with them.

All this content creation and engagement take time, yes. But they also warm your audience up, so when you’re ready to hit that marketing gear on, they are more likely to buy from you.

And the amazing thing about automated digital product funnels is this: When you put in the hard work once in a beginning, along the road, you’ll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of that hard work.

Let us know how your product funnels are coming along in the comments! We love hearing from you!

Photo © Taryn Elliott / Pexels.