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How to create your first free digital product: 4+1 steps to get you started

It’s time to launch to your own product line; let’s start with a free offer.

How to create your first free digital product: 4+1 steps to get you started

It’s time to get your first, free product out of the oven in just five steps.

Do you ever wonder what could be your next step on your path as an online entrepreneur after ads, affiliate marketing and brand collaborations? Because there sure is one.

When you have an established website that is already bringing in some money via marketing collaborations or ad sales, it’s time to create your own, first product.

Sound scary? Don’t worry, we’ll start with something small and take it step by step.

1. Start with a free offer

Yes, start your path to your own product line with a free offer.

It builds the awareness, like and trust you need to be able to sell your product later on.

Create a free product, guide or book which people can download from your site – and leave their email address while doing it. Even though you have not made any money yet, you have captured their email address which you can use later, when you are ready with your paid offer.

2. Go for an easy win

What should your free offer be, then? Start with something that comes naturally to you. If you’re a gym addict, could you draft a guide for a 20-minute workout anyone can do at home? Or a stretching guide for avid office workers who suffer from constant neck pain?

On the other side, if you have a law office, you can offer free 30-minute consultations to let people get to know you and your style.

Whatever your specialty, creating your first free offer should only take between 2-4 hours.

3. Keep creating content

While you wait for your first downloaders / subscribers, keep creating your regular content. You can also use your blog posts, audio guides or videos as a means to market your freebie to your audience and ask them to share it with their friends and colleagues.

Once you have gathered some email addresses, you should start sending them regular emails as well, without sales purposes. The goal is to connect with them regularly and give them time to get used to being emailed by you. Then, when you start marketing your paid offer, they feel like they know you already and it’s easier for you to make the sale.

4. Reevaluate

Give your free product some time to get noticed. If it does not get many downloads and you’re not happy with results, create a new offer and test it out. It takes some trial and error before you hit the gold vein.

You can also ask your followers what kind of content they would appreciate or give them two options and ask which one they like best.

+1 Keep other revenue streams flowing

While you are working on your freebie, keep your other revenue streams flowing. There is nothing wrong with other ways to make money online. You can still keep selling ads on your site, marketing products for your affiliate partners and making those sweet brand collaborations you have worked so hard to get. They will only complement each other and your own paid products.

Additionally, you can always sign up to Surveyeah and earn by filling surveys! A simple and funny way to earn some extra money!

Coming next…

How to create your first paid product and start selling it? Stay tuned for more.

Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash