Did you know that consumer panelists also do these 6 extremely cool things?

Have you heard of these 6 super cool ways to change the world through panels?

Did you know that consumer panelists also do these 6 extremely cool things?

Yep, there is more to consumer panels than just ticking boxes online. Have you heard of these six super cool ways to change the world through panels?

Consumer panels are often underleveraged. Yes, running online surveys is a cost-effective way to get a grasp of consumers’ opinions and upcoming trends or to test products and ideas before launching them.

Still, many companies underuse their panels just by sending standard surveys out every now and then. A high-quality panel can be used in many different ways and it should be! Panelists’ opinions, insight and analysis are valuable assets to any company.

Don’t (accidentally) kill your darlings

Entertainment industry is an avid fan of consumer panels and focus groups. They are often used to choose between two alternative endings for a season finale of a TV series, for example. This way the producer can be sure to hit the right emotional cords of its audience. And they don’t end up killing the villain who happens to be the audience’s secret sweetheart.

Panels are often asked for opinion also in the early stages of the production as well. Usually a new TV series is first “piloted”: the first episode is shown to a small test audience. This allows the production company to determine whether there is an audience for this kind of series, and also to know how and if they welcome all the characters. Some characters or actors can even be replaced after the pilot episode to please the audience!

Get futuristically fit

If the entertainment industry likes to give a glimpse of future coffee break topics, the service industry often calls for mystery consumers as well. While mystery shopping is one of the most common ways, especially in supermarkets but also in luxury boutiques, mystery consumers’ experience is much needed also at gyms and banks, for example.

A consumer panelist can very well end up in a luxury gym, testing their spa facilities, top notch equipment and even new workouts, which have not been released to the public yet. All they have to do is to keep exercising free of charge and tell their opinion to the market research company that hired them.

Fine-tune the product and packaging

Unseen TV series and final episodes, luxury spas and personalized workouts, what more is there?

Well, the whole consumer goods industry! For example, many cosmetics brands, even luxury brands, like to get their new innovations tested before launching on a bigger scale.

Panelists get often asked to try these products out. And not only the products but also to give their opinion on packaging and design.

How to become a mystery tester?

These test missions require commitment and an analytical mind. That is why the panel company usually ranks every panelist’s answers and chooses the most active and reliable ones.

If these tasks interest you, the best you can do is to answer the surveys as often as possible and really pay attention to give high-quality responses.

Make also sure you’ve filled in your background information, since this is used in profiling as well.

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Photo © Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash