Build Your Online Business Like a CEO

Surveyeah CEO shares his tips to success with beginning and aspiring entrepreneurs

Build Your Online Business Like a CEO

Dreaming of building a business? Surveyeah CEO shares his tips to success.

What motivated you to launch Surveyeah?

Initially I was inspired by building a digital business I could run anywhere in the world. First I worked in a start-up in the same industry before launching my own venture. I was motivated by combining my background in statistics with helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

In hindsight, which factors or decisions have made your success possible?

In my opinion, it’s important to go digital from the beginning. In Italy, where I’m from, even many modern companies haven’t really fully leveraged all the opportunities the digital world has to offer, and having a professional online presence is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd.

In the digital world, you need to get on good terms with Google! Otherwise you don’t exist, so work on your search engine optimization from the first day.

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Which marketing tips would you like to share with beginning and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Test out different things and strategies in a flexible way to see what works best for you and your business. Online businesses can use agility as their competitive advantage.

Try out for example Google ads or Facebook ads with a small budget at first, and when you see which ads and channels perform the best, focus your advertising budget there.

The same principle can be applied to other parts of your business as well. In the beginning, I tested out several suppliers this way to find the ones that work the best for Surveyeah.

Trial and error shows you quickly which way to go and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In the digital world, you can do a lot with a few hundred or a thousand euros.

How do you launch a company with a small budget?

In addition to marketing, there are other costs as well. Keep in mind that you don’t need a full-time team from the first day: many important things can be outsourced.

In the early days of Surveyeah I was a one-man team. All the IT was outsourced, for example, for the first three years, before Cecilia joined my team.

We also started without an office space – and back then, before the coronavirus outbreak, this was not very common. Not only did we save money, but my team also appreciated the chance to work from home, save commuting time and enjoy a better work-life balance.

What role does luck play in your success?

I think every successful business owner has had luck at some point in their journey. I got lucky rather early on when I was connected with one of my first customers. It’s an international company based in Sweden, and having an international client early allowed us to expand and grow more quickly without a commercial department than we would have otherwise been able to do.

Many of our first clients are still working with us, and building loyalty and customer satisfaction of course require more than pure luck, but some good fortune is always appreciated.

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