Get to Know Our Consumer Panelists

Who can join a consumer panel? Let’s meet Surveyeah’s international panelists.

Get to Know Our Consumer Panelists

Who can join a consumer panel? Let’s meet Surveyeah’s international panelists.

What makes a good consumer panel?

Size is important: there must be enough participants to make up a thousand-person panel regularly.

A panel must also be representative so that wider deductions can be made based on the results.

However, there is one thing that is even more crucial than size and representation: a good consumer panel is diverse. When the panelists come from different regions, are of different ages and represent varied interests, the data it delivers will be high-quality and offer important insights for companies.

Let’s have a close look at Surveyeah’s international panelists.

123 countries represented

Surveyeah’s consumer panelists come from all over the world: we are currently present in 123 countries from Spain to South Africa; from Vietnam to Venezuela.

These are the most active Surveyeah countries at the moment:

  1. Mexico
  2. Philippines
  3. Italy
  4. Peru
  5. South Africa
  6. Colombia
  7. Nigeria
  8. Ecuador
  9. Kenya
  10. Argentina

The lockdowns due to the covid outbreak have encouraged even more people to join and participate in panels, partially because people have more time to spare and also because the financial incentives can make up for some of the lost revenue.

Western women are the most active

Both men and women enjoy filling in online surveys, but in many Western Countries women tend to be a little more active than men. They make up 55-60 percent of all participants in many European countries, for example.

On the contrary, in many Islamic countries the ratio turns the other way around, with men answering the majority of the surveys. In France, in Western Europe, two out of three panelists are women, whereas in Egypt men make up two thirds of our panel.

Nordic seniors show up

All age groups are well represented among Surveyeah participants as well. In order to protect young people, the age limit for panels is currently 18 years.

The young and middle-aged form the majority of panels in most countries, the activity typically decreasing amid over 55 year olds.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, however: In highly digitized countries, like in Finland in Northern Europe, over 55’s are very keen to voice their opinions as well. More than one out of five participants in Finland is at least 56 years old.

India is a complete opposite to Finland: every other Indian panelist is 22 years old or younger.

Quality above all else

What do these figures mean, then?

Do they mean that Finnish companies only get to know senior citizens’ views, and the French, only what women think?

Of course not. The participants are always selected in a way that the result is demographically representative. This only means that over 55-year old Indians are maybe invited to join a panel more often than their younger counterparts.

The quality of answers is always carefully monitored as well and if a participant doesn’t play by the rules, they are facing a quarantine or a disqualification, no matter where they live.

Background data is not all about fun facts

Sometimes companies aren’t looking for a demographically representative audience though. They might want to know the opinion of a carefully defined and targeted group to answer more specific questions.

For that reason, all the panelists are carefully profiled with the help of the background information they provide once joining a panel. They share their age, gender and region, but also their hobbies and interests.

That is how we know that 22 % of Italian panelists are early adopters when it comes to technology and that 11 % of Mexican participants are keen online gamers.

These aren’t only fun facts but valuable information that allows us to choose the best participants for each survey and make sure the businesses get insight that helps them serve their clients better.

After all, that’s what the surveys are meant for.

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