Your Privacy Is Safe With Us

Are you wondering whether you can safely trust your contact details with us? This is how we protect your privacy.

Your Privacy Is Safe With Us

Are you wondering whether you can safely trust your contact details with us? This is how we protect your privacy.

When a new panelist joins a consumer panel, he or she is asked quite a lot of questions.

We want to know their gender, age, where they come from – but also what their hobbies are, what they are interested in and what kind of topics they follow.

This information is not gathered to fulfill our own curiosity, but it makes it possible for us to tailor the panels according to our clients’ needs and to ensure they get insights they are looking for.

These questions can make panelists wonder how the information is used and shared. This is why we have in place these five safety protocols that protect Surveyeah’s panelists’ privacy.

1. We swear by the GDPR

Everything we do complies with the GDPR regulations, whether it concerns our email lists or where and how we store panelist data. Every step is GDPR approved.

Terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy can be consulted on the website at any moment.

Since Surveyeah is a European company, we extend this compliance to all our panelists throughout the world.

2. Responses are anonymous

Aligned with these principles, the personal data of a respondent is always kept separate from the answers we share with our clients. This means there is no way of tracing any individual response to the person who gave them.

On the other hand, the companies do get access to background information that is relevant to their needs, such as the age or gender of the panelist. This information allows them to understand consumers better – and serve their clients better.

The same way, we at Surveyeah don’t have access to any individual responses our panelists share in the surveys. We only access the profile information when it helps us target the surveys correctly.

3. Even quality problems are dealt with anonymously

How are these privacy regulations in line with our regular quality checks? Doesn’t quality control require access to both answers and the profile information?

Even the quality checks are done anonymously. In case of a quality problem, we in the Surveyeah team get the indication of the problem and are informed about the type of the problem. It can be too short or too quick answers to open questions, for example.

But even in this case, we don’t see the content of those answers. We only receive technical information that allows us to make a decision to quarantine someone from a panel temporarily or permanently.

4. Panelists can delete their profile anytime

In the end, the panelists are in charge of their profile and the information it contains at any moment.

If they want to delete the profile and the data with it, they can do so by simply asking us to delete the account.

Why can’t they delete the account on their own? The panelists can deactivate their account if they wish not to receive surveys anymore, but in that case the information is still saved in case they change their mind later.

The complete deletion of their file is hence a more dramatic option and we want to ensure it doesn’t happen by accident.

5. Nothing is shared with 3rd parties

Last but not least: we don’t sell our panelists’ information to any third party, so our members don’t need to worry about receiving annoying cold calls or targeted marketing.

If panelists are invited to join a focus group or a community that is hosted on a third party platform, they will need to separately sign up for the platform and give their consent to their data protection policy as well.

We do all this, because our panelists are important to us and we want you to feel good and comfortable, so that you can keep on sharing your opinions openly with us.

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