Meet the team: The Woman Behind IT

Meet more team members from Surveyeah! Today we talk with Cecilia Nardini, who manages the company’s IT operations

Meet the team: The Woman Behind IT

Meet more team members from Surveyeah! Today we talk with Cecilia Nardini, who makes sure all the IT aspects of surveys roll smoothly.

It’s time to have another peek behind the curtains in the Surveyeah team and meet Cecilia Nardini! She is in charge of many invisible aspects of surveys because she manages the company’s IT operations.

For example, when Surveyeah secures a new partnership, Cecilia Nardini makes sure all the panelists get access to new survey opportunities. She assures all the reward systems function without a glitch and participants’ reward points are always up to date.

Long and winding road to surveys

Like other members of the Surveyeah team, Cecilia’s path to Surveyeah was not the most obvious one. She graduated from physics – but later went back to university to complete a doctorate on philosophy of science and bioethics.

“It was a great experience but I did not want to pursue a career in academia. I worked for a while in a small web agency – and Nicolò was one of our clients”, she tells about her first encounter with the Surveyeah founder and CEO.

“When I met Nicolò and heard about Surveyeah, I had never participated in surveys myself. But during my studies abroad, I had shared an apartment with a girl who spent all her evenings filling in surveys, so I knew the world that way.”

Back to a dear project

From that first encounter, it still took a few years before Cecilia joined the team. But it felt like coming back home: “When I worked in the agency and we developed Surveyeah’s application, the project was like a child of mine. So, it was great to come back and continue developing it within the company”, she tells.

Nowadays, in addition to the application, she’s also got a baby boy of her own. Her family also made the decision to move back to her home region near Venice in North-East Italy to be close to her parents who can help the young family in childcare.

“Working remotely is a great option for me, because it allows me to be close to my family and eat dinner with my son and husband. In the region of Milan, the commute can take hours every day”, Cecilia Nardini explains.

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