Meet the team: The Man Behind Social Media

Meet Surveyeah’s team! This week we present the man behind Surveyeah social media

Meet the team: The Man Behind Social Media

Meet Surveyeah’s team! This week we present Marco Mocchetti: he is the man behind the Surveyeah company website, social media and content creation.

When a new consumer survey lands into your email inbox and you click the link, do you ever wonder how much work has been required for it to get there?

Many aspects of online surveys are automated, sure, but it still takes a team to run the company. A few weeks ago we chatted with Surveyeah founder and CEO Nicolò Fisogni, and now we have a chance to meet another team member: Marco Mocchetti!

From statistics to history

Marco Mocchetti is responsible for building Surveyeah’s website and maintaining them all over the world so that new panelists can find the company and sign up easily.

He also creates content for social media and – as a native Italian speaker – translates these blog articles into the Italian website and creates content in Italian. He lives in Busto Arsizio, in Northern Italy near Milan, and has been a member of the team since spring 2018.

However, a few years ago, in the beginning of his university studies, his path looked quite different.

“I started at the university studying physics but I changed into contemporary history after a while. Physics studies were useful though, because they included some statistics courses. That helps me understand the world of surveys better”, he explains.

Every day something new

History plays an important role in how he – via a small detour – ended up working with Nicolò Fisogni and Surveyeah.

“As a historian, I was first hired to the Fisogni family museum”, Marco Mocchetti tells.

The Fisogni Museum is the most complete collection in the world about the history of fuel pumps and gasoline distribution and it even has a Guinness World Record.

At first, Mocchetti was in charge of the museum exhibitions and events, and after building the museum’s website, it seemed logical to take over the same responsibilities for Surveyeah as well.

“Creating content for social media is the most fun part of my work. Everyday I learn something new and interesting”, Marco Mocchetti tells.

Survey enthusiast himself.

And working on content creation is not so different from working in a museum and building exhibitions. Basically, it all starts from background research, whether the source is a newspaper, a social account or a piece in museum archives.

Before joining the team, Marco Mocchetti used to be an avid survey participant himself.

“My favorite topics were cars, transportation and actualities!” he shares.

“It was great to make your voice heard.”

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