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Earn money without lifting a finger – Set up Google AdSense

Set up automated revenue streams on your site with Google AdSense: it’s very simple

Earn money without lifting a finger – Set up Google AdSense

Earn Money Online, Part 4

Earning money online can be easy. Set up automated revenue streams on your site with Google AdSense.

Did you follow our instructions to set up your website? Congratulations! You have taken your first steps towards a lucrative online business.

In this fourth part of the series we’ll have a look at one way to make your site earn money for you: Google AdSense. It’s a very simple thing to set up, and once you’ve done it, there is practically nothing you need to do anymore because the ads will generate you a steady revenue.

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Everything starts from quality content

With Google AdSense you can earn money by displaying ads on your sites. So companies pay you to be able to show their ads to your audience. It’s an effortless way to leverage your website traffic.

All you need to make sure is that there are regularly visitors on your site. You can do this by creating new content, hosting a forum for discussion or marketing your old content in a way that it attracts new visitors on your site over and over.

How to get started with Google AdSense

It’s free to create a Google AdSense account. You need to do 3 things:

  • Create an AdSense account
  • Link it to your Google Account
  • Link it to your site


Follow these detailed instructions to set up and activate your account.

Having problems with setting up your account? Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Running ads on your site

Once you’ve set up your site and it has been qualified by Google, you can expect ads popping up on your site.

Google is in charge of placing ads on your site, so you don’t really have the choice in terms of content or design. But the upside is that the revenue is 100 % automatic!

You don’t need to worry about anything but keeping your traffic site up with that quality content of yours.

What comes next?

To optimize your website revenue, it’s best to combine different revenue streams. There’s no reason why you couldn’t set up bot ads and affiliate links to your site.. They both are good ways to bring in steady, automated monthly income.

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