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Earning money by writing online: what opportunities?

Can you earn money through writing online? The answer is: Yes!

Earning money by writing online: what opportunities?

If you follow our blog, you will know for sure that earning money online is feasible and affordable for everyone.

There are various possible methods to start a profitable business online, from small business to communities, from digital products to content creation.

If writing is your passion and you believe that the Internet is not for you, you are wrong; you can earn money online even through writing!

Why make money online? Pros and cons

But what are, first of all, the advantages of earning online? Whether it is a real job, or you do it in wasted time to round up, a networked activity offers numerous benefits; first of all, you can work from home, independently managing your time and managing to better combine work and family, also saving on travel to go to the office.

“Creating” your own digital business, then, allows you to earn by doing what we like best, for example by writing articles, developing digital products, or filling out surveys. The important thing is to have clear ideas about what you want to do and use the right tools.

Of course, there are also disadvantages: often, the beginnings can be difficult, and you can not always immediately find your way. Earnings on the internet can become profitable, but it takes time, and sometimes the income can be inconstant; as with any other sector, patience, perseverance, and willpower are needed: demanding everything immediately is not a winning strategy.

As always, then, you have to be careful of scams: always beware of those who promise too easy or incredibly high earnings!

Earn money by writing online

The easiest way to earn money online by writing is to start a blog. You can give vent to your creativity and talk about what you like most, winning a group of loyal and passionate followers.

To attract readers, you will have to have some precautions, paying attention to SEO, and always creating quality content.

To start earning, simply use Google AdSense advertisements, get involved in affiliate marketing, or directly start a collaboration with the brands you talk about in your articles. With Google AdSense, for example, you can earn an average of 15 cents per click; considering that you usually have 1 or 2 clicks per 100 views, with 1 million views you can earn at least € 1600. With a well-indexed site and with decent traffic, you can make € 1800-2000 per year, although some manage to exceed even € 5,000!

Often and willingly, even content and reviews posted here and there on the web are written for remuneration. More or less experienced authors and journalists can therefore make their skills available to the various online sites; of course, there is talk of a few euros to round up, but by activating more collaborations you can also earn more substantial figures. Some sites and companies that pay to write reviews.

The difficult thing lies in finding websites willing to pay someone to write content; to do this, you can sift through online ads – using the right keywords (blogger, journalist, author, freelance…) – or send self-nominations. Even for so-called “paid-to-write ” platforms, you should always look for reliable sites and that pay. Again, with patience and perseverance, something will certainly come out!

More than a freelancer do you feel like a full-fledged writer? You can always write your book and publish it online! A downloadable e-book for a fee can be a valid option for aspiring novelists, who can turn to special self-publishing platforms.

In truth, not everyone has the inspiration of a writer, and being successful in this field can be quite difficult; trying does not cost anything, but only if you have a real talent will you be able to emerge!

In conclusion?

In short, writing online does not make you become a millionaire, but it can help you earn some money by doing what you like best! Depending on your skill and what you write, the income can range from a few euros to a few hundred for professional articles, even a few thousand if you can succeed as a ghostwriter or copyrighter for brochures.

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