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10 online product ideas for new entrepreneurs

Do you want to launch an online business or make some extra money? Pick your favourite from these 10 ideas to start!

10 online product ideas for new entrepreneurs

Do you want to launch an online business or make a little extra money? Pick your favourite from these 10 ideas and get started!

This year has been a good one for online businesses and e-commerce: due to the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce has seen a clear growth and chances are the trend is going to last.

So would this be your chance to start making some money online as well? Creating your own digital product can be a great way to earn a side revenue – or you can use it to complement other revenue streams such as ad sales, brand collaborations or affiliate marketing.

Start with one of these ten ideas!

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1. Guidebook

Now’s the time to showcase your expertise through an ebook or a guide. It can be a travel guide to your home city, revealing all the secret spots only locals know, ora digital marketing guide for small business owners. Ebooks are a great way to share your expertise and create an additional revenue stream.

2. Video guide

If your guide includes a lot of specific instructions, or you’re a natural in front of a camera, could you create a video guide instead of an ebook? It can be a single video or a series.

3. Speed consultation

Add a personal touch to the deal and offer customised 1:1 consultation in your area of expertise.

Unlike the other options, this one requires a little bit more of your time and cannot be fully automated, but it can be a nice additional service to your guidebooks or videos, too.

4. Directory

Are people constantly asking you for advice or recommendations? Collect all the best tips, addresses and professionals in your area under a directory – and you won’t have to answer individual queries all day long anymore.

5. Mini course

Maybe one ebook or even a series of videos isn’t enough for sharing all your knowledge?

Create a mini course that allows you to share more actionable tips and tricks.You don’t even need a fancy course platform: the course can be hosted on your own website or released through emails, for example.

6. Copywriting template

Are you a real word wizard? Distill your talent into templates that help others write better and more quickly. The opportunities are endless: you can help people write their CVs, cover letters, blog posts, marketing emails… Take your pick and let the inspiration flow!

7. Graphic design templates

If your talents are rather leaning towards design, creating graphic design templates can be a nice option. High-quality Canva templates or Lightroom and Photoshop presets are a real life-saver for many entrepreneurs.

8. Printable calendars and journals

Take your design skills one step further and design beautiful calendars, journals and other planning tools.

9. Zapier templates

Zapier is a must tool for all online entrepreneurs: It connects other tools, sites and apps and creates automated workflows. This can save a lot of time, but in the beginning, the automations can be time-consuming to create.

Enter: you! Share and sell your best Zaps (that’s how the automations are called on the platform) and make other users’ lives easier and your own wallet thicker.

10. Nutrition & workout plans

New year is approaching, which means a lot of new year’s resolutions: weight loss goals, workout plans and wishes to feel better in general.

If your expertise covers these areas, tap into this potential by creating nutrition and workout plans or meal prepping plans. If you’re not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, could you create a time management plan to help people implement their workout and meal plans?

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All these ideas will help you create more financial freedom and diversify your online revenue streams.

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