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The skills online entrepreneurs need in 2021 – Which ones do you have?

Earn money online with these skills. Which ones have you mastered already?

The skills online entrepreneurs need in 2021 – Which ones do you have?

Earn money online with the help of these skills. Which ones have you mastered already and which ones still need refining?

Online entrepreneurship requires a wide skill set which can be very different from the one that helps office workers thrive. In addition, because of the rise of remote working and online businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, even many traditional brick and mortar companies pivot to the web environment and face the need to uplevel their entrepreneurial skills.

Which then are the abilities that’ll help online businesses shine in 2021? Check out our list and find out which areas you already excel in and which ones might require a quick update.

Skill number 1: Digital marketing

Digital marketing skills continue to be crucial for any business in 2021. This means content creation, leveraging social media and also getting familiar with paid advertising.

The digital marketing industry is growing and the vastness of it can feel overwhelming for a beginner. Start with small steps and define one area of learning at a time to avoid getting stressed.

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Also in high demand: online sales skills

Like digital marketing, online selling is very different from in-person sales and requires some adjustments from many business owners.

This means, for example, setting up automated email sequences and thinking of the whole sales process differently.

SEO is more important than ever

As the number of online businesses increase, it will get harder and harder to differentiate your company in the marketplace. SEO, search engine optimization helps you with that.

Knowing your audience and what they need and look for helps you choose the right keywords which then makes it easier for your dream audience to land on your site.

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Resourcefulness over resources

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins said it right: “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.”

This applies to entrepreneurship now more than ever. Especially in the beginning of your path or when you’re pivoting your business quickly due to the current circumstances, you won’t have access to all the resources you need. You need to get resourceful and creative with what you have and keep moving forward.

Don’t forget basic business skills

Let’s not forget some basic business skills that never really go out of style. Setting relevant goals and finding out the best way to measure your success are still crucial skills. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to know that you’ve arrived?

Understanding business modeling, pricing and the basics of profitability are going to take you a long way. And don’t forget market research: understanding your clients’ needs and wishes is the first step to creating a successful online business.

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