Ten reasons to love online surveys

Why do our panelists love Surveyeah? Let’s discover it!

Ten reasons to love online surveys

Why do our panelists love Surveyeah? There are dozens of possible reasons – here are ten good examples.

Surveyeah panelists know that participating in online surveys is fun. But if you don’t have first-hand experience from surveys either as a participant or an entrepreneur, you may find yourself hesitating.

Would anyone really fill in your survey? Can they really help you understand your clients better?

Yes and yes. Listen to Surveyeah panelists: this is why they love what they do.

1. Participating in online surveys is fun

“This is fun” was the most common answer, when Surveyeah asked its panelists why they like to participate in online surveys month after month.

2. Curiosity!

Many online panelists are also driven by curiosity. “I’m always thinking about what they are up to this time!” one panelist told us.

3. Surveys are varied and interesting

Loyal consumer panelists find that the variety of topics make answering questionnaires interesting. We do our best to target participants whose points of interest match with the field of the survey: it keeps the process interesting for panelists and also guarantees that companies get real experts’ opinions.

4. It’s not only about surveys

Panel members are regularly asked to join other consumer insight activities, too, such as focus groups and online communities.

5. Filling in surveys is a great way to spend time

“Why not? Participating is a great way to spend time!” summarized another loyal participant. Especially last year, when lockdowns limited people to their homes for weeks and months on end, surveys served as a great hobby for many.

6. Share your opinion

Having a chance to voice one’s opinion and having a weight in companies’ decisions is a big motivator for many online panelists. Panelists do have an impact on many products and services and participating in this process feels rewarding.

7. Be a part of the change

It’s not only sharing your opinion and having a voice that counts: panelists are also motivated by a genuine desire to make a difference and change the world. They believe that by sharing their insights they help companies create better products and services which for example decreases overproduction and helps businesses meet their clients’ needs better.

8. Surveys are well drafted

Well-drafted surveys are a joy to fill in, they are relevant and not too long. Surveyeah’s panelists also thank that our surveys are intuitive and easy to fill.

9. Be a part of an international group

Survey-filling is a truly international activity. Currently, Surveyeah has active panelists in 123 countries.

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10. Compensation

Let’s not forget about great compensations: depending on their country of origin, online panelists get to choose from a variety of compensation options. From Amazon gift vouchers to giving to charity – whatever makes the time spent on the survey worth your while.

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Photo © Robin Higgins from Pixabay

The answers were collected from Surveyeah panelists in November and December 2020. 528 panelists shared their views and insights with us.