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5 reasons to join a consumer panel

Have you ever considered joining an online consumer panel? Here are 5 reasons to sign up today.

5 reasons to join a consumer panel

Have you ever considered joining an online consumer panel? Here are 5 reasons to sign up today.

Online consumer panels, like we here at Surveyeah, collect information from consumers around the world on current topics, new product launches and their consumption habits. The panelists fill in the surveys from home – or wherever they are.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining a panel as well.

1.   You get to impact the world

Do you ever say to yourself: “This fitness bracelet would be much better if…” or “How come nobody ever realised that I would need this particular function on my mobile?”

When you’re part of a consumer panel, you get to share those insights with companies and organizations. You’ll be regularly given a chance to give your opinion on products and services. Maybe you even get to share your views on current topics and impact the world that way.

The companies that order the surveys really use the information they get – so answering the questionnaires is a direct way to influence the world around you.

2.   You’ll stay on top of the trends

As a panelist you’ll receive surveys regarding existing products on the market – but also about products and services that are still under development. So you’ll be among the first to find out about new trends and product launches.

And better yet, once those products really come to market, you can say that you helped develop them with your consumer feedback.

3.   You’ll earn money

Participating in surveys is compensated. Here at Surveyeah we want you to be able to choose freely how to benefit from your compensation, so we pay our panelists with money on their PayPal account or Amazon gift vouchers.  The more often you participate, the better the compensation.

You also have the option to give your compensation to charity, if you prefer.

4.   You can do it anytime, anywhere

Online surveys are filled in wherever you are and whenever you have a moment. You’re a night owl? Perfect, you can participate in the middle of the night. Or maybe you have a long commute? Now you know how to put those hours spent in the train to good use.

Filling in surveys is also quick and easy, so you don’t need to worry that they’re going to swallow all your free time. You’ll receive between 2-4 surveys per month, depending on companies’ needs.

5.   You’ll have so much fun!

Telling your opinion is fun, isn’t it? In addition to filling in surveys, you may get a chance to test your skills as a mystery shopper! How does joining a gym for free for a few months sound, for example?

Reflecting on your own values, consumption patterns and preferences also allows you to gain some insight on your behavior and values and to get to know yourself better.

So what do you think, would it be time to sign up to our panel?

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