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5 business ideas for remote working – that you can start with zero budget

Who said launching a business is expensive? Here you can find five ideas can be kicked off the ground with zero budget

5 business ideas for remote working – that you can start with zero budget

Who said launching a business is expensive? These five ideas can be kicked off the ground with zero budget – today.

Starting a business is not only for the wealthy or those with diamond sharp investor relations. Many good ideas can be launched with little or zero budget.

If you don’t want to give control over to your investors and don’t have an abundant savings account to resort on, start small and grow organically with one of these five business ideas.

1. Social media management

Different content creation and management related jobs have exploded during the last decade. If you know your way around Facebook ads, Instagram, or Snapchat, or maybe Pinterest search engine optimization is your secret forté it’s time to capitalize on those skills.

These kinds of gigs can be started without any extra costs, given that you have access to a laptop and wifi If you don’t have any client network just yet, gig platforms like UpWorkand Fiverrare good ways to start.

Even though the compensation may be low at first, you’ll have a chance to see it rise as your experience grows deeper and you start getting better and better results for your clients.

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2. Tutoring

Online tutoring is as easy as online social media management: with an internet connection and a video conferencing tool you can help your clients with their math or language skills, prep them for public speaking or whatever they need help with. Some platforms require formal education and teaching certification while others don’t, so find a mix that matches your experience.

3. MLM

Oh boy, isn’t there a lot of choice in the Multi-Level-Marketing industry!

If the concept is not familiar to you, here’s a quick recap: Multi-Level-Marketing is based on the principle that you sell their products as an exchange for a commission. You can sell basically anything through a multi-level-marketing system: from nutritional supplement to lingerie to cleaning supplies to precooked meals.

The protocols and cost structures of different companies vary a great deal, so do your due diligence to find one that suits your lifestyle and meets the criteria you have for your work.

It’s also important to choose a product line that you genuinely believe in, because it will make the selling so much easier.

4. Concierge service

How about starting a concierge service? As a concierge you will help people with their errands, like picking up their groceries or doing pharmacy runs.

Concierge service can also be virtual and only the sky’s the limit when you choose your domain. Would you like to help people with their admin tasks? Make their restaurant reservations or help them with baby planning? All these exist!

5. Third party seller

Third party sellers operate on retail platforms like Amazon and eBay – only they don’t have their own products but they sell other seller’s products. You don’t need to have any inventory or logistics in place. When a buyer purchases one of “your” products, the original seller delivers the purchase to them directly, so starting is easy.

On the other hand, it’s important to choose your partners carefully. Since you are the contact point to the customer, lost packages and quality problems will be your headache.

Don’t forget these two!

Of course you can always monetize your website or join a consumer panel to gain some extra money online.

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Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash