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How to Make Money Online in 2021

Which are online business trends for 2021? Discover what will help you grow your company this year.

How to Make Money Online in 2021

These are the online business trends that will help you grow your company this year.

New year, new tricks! What is 2021 going to look like for online businesses?

Finances Online evaluates that digital nomadism and mobile commerce will be two leading business trends this year. Young entrepreneurs will trend as well, believes the business site.

This is all very good news for young business owners who aim to create digital companies, serving people all over the world.

But what exactly does this mean for online business – and how can the trends be leveraged to make 2021 the year when your business really starts to grow?

Subscription-based business model rules

One of the emerging business models in 2021 will be offering subscription-based services. Instead of one-off products or services, companies will wrap up their offers in on-going packages that delight their customers every week, month or quarter.

Services-based businesses can use subscription models as well as companies selling physical products. A subscription can be an access to an accountability platform offering business coaching. It can be a software or tool, or a package of your favourite coffee or cosmetics, delivered at your door.

For businesses this offers the benefit of recurring revenue, and for clients this minimizes the risk of their favorite moisturiser or morning coffee running out.

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Think with marketing first

While a subscription-based model is a good sales booster and can bring in recurring revenue, it does require special attention to marketing. In addition to sales, you need to think about building long-lasting client relationships and retention rates.

This goes hand in hand with another 2021 online entrepreneurship trend: thinking with marketing first. Whatever your business model, it needs a marketing plan to back it up.

A good place to start is setting up a content strategy and taking a look at your SEO.

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Email marketing comes back

In addition to a search engine optimized website and quality content, there is one crucial channel that is predicted to be a strong choice in 2021: email marketing.

According to the growing popularity of email service providers, such as ConvertKit and MailChimp, email marketing is making a comeback in 2021.

Email can indeed be a great way to engage with your customers and build long-lasting relationships, as well as to run targeted email campaigns. If you haven’t started yet, read our guide to building your first email sequence!

Brand collaborations diversify revenue streams

How about diversifying your revenue streams and adding brand collaborations to the mix?

Strong collaboration between brands and influencers continues in 2021. If you’re an experienced influencer, keep brand collaborations in your service portfolio – and if you haven’t explored working with brands yet, could this be the year when you start?

Brand collaborations work especially well if you have a loyal follower base in a well-defined niche. They can also be completed by other income streams, such as advertising and affiliate marketing.

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Always trending: Customer insight

Which of the trends seems like the one that could change the course of your business in 2021?

Whichever you choose to start working on, customer-centricity is always trending. The better you manage to keep the client in the center of every business move, the better the results will be.

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