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Choose the best online survey available!

How to make sure you choose the right online survey and start making money online today?

Choose the best online survey available!

How to make sure you choose the right online survey and start making money online today? Take these five things into account.

Not all consumer panels are equal; not all panelists are carved of the same wood either.

Quality panels and quality panelists seem to go hand in hand: the best panels attracting the most dedicated participants.

Which features to look at, when you’re choosing a panel? And which ones to build into your panel, when you’re creating one?

1. Choose rewards that motivate you

Consumer panels have different schemes of compensation. Some offer vouchers while others can offer cash-back options. There are panels that allow you to donate your compensation to charity, for example.

Usually the compensation varies from one country to another, depending on the local conditions. It’s worth checking out the options available in your country, to make sure they are attractive and motivating for you.

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2. Check the compensation threshold

One thing to pay attention to is the compensation threshold. In some panels the threshold is very low or even non-existent, which means that you can maybe access the rewards after one completed survey.

Others can require collecting points from a few surveys before allowing you to redeem your compensation.

3. Choose one and focus

“Can I join several panels to maximise my online revenue?” we’re often asked.

This is an understandable query and some panelists do wonder if joining multiple panels could help them gain better rewards.

Strategically speaking, choosing one panel and collecting all your points there is often a better way to go. You’ll collect points more quickly and can access better rewards.

Also, sometimes the survey is distributed through several consumer panels, so you can end up receiving the same survey twice, instead of receiving interesting surveys that are a joy to answer.

4. Select an active panel

If you have several similar options, pay attention to the activity of the panel as well. The more active they are, the more surveys you’ll receive – and the more points you’ll collect.

5. Check if the panel is available in your language

Usually the participation in a panel is linked to a certain country or region, because the companies want to poll and understand consumers in the areas that are important to them commercially.

Answering in your native language will also be easier and quicker than trying to understand a question in a foreign language.

Surveyeah, for example, is currently present in 123 countries and we offer our surveys in 38 languages. This year, we’re working on adding even more languages to the mix and reaching new markets!

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