Survey questions you’ll want to answer

Have you seen certain questions repeat in several surveys? Our experts explain how to create the perfect survey!

Survey questions you’ll want to answer

Have you seen certain questions repeat in several surveys? Our experts explain why!

Have you ever wondered why certain surveys get much better response rates than others?

Or if you’ve answered surveys yourself, perhaps you’ve noticed that the same types of questions repeat themselves quite often, and that certain surveys are more enjoyable to complete than others.

There is a reason behind all this! Certain types of questions and a carefully balanced mix of them make it easier for participants to fill in the survey. Ultimately, this helps companies get the insight they’ve been looking for in order to understand their clients better.

And now we share our tested and proven method to tailor a survey that gets a lot of answers and provides high-quality insight!

Multiple choice questions are easy and reliable

One of the most common question types is multiple choice questions. They are easy and quick for respondents to answer and the data is easily analysed as well.

Multiple choice questions are also great cheater revealers. A series of multiple choice questions can be used for quality control, and a cheater can be immediately excluded from the panel. This way an occasional low-quality response won’t impact the end results.

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Limit the number of questions

In addition to asking easy and short questions, it’s advisable to keep the whole survey rather short and snappy.

Some companies might think that once you send out a survey and find people to answer it, you can make it as long and thorough as possible, to gather a maximum amount of information.

Don’t fall into that trap! If your survey exceeds 10-15 minutes, the participants are more likely to abandon it before completion. Even the ones who soldier their way until the end, risk producing lower quality responses.

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Spice the short questions up with long ones

Qualitative questions that require longer answers have their place in surveys, too. Answering only multiple choice ones and ticking off checkboxes becomes monotonous, so add a few open-ended questions to the mix as well.

This will cheer participants up and also allow you to have some in-depth insight on consumer behavior.

Remember though that answering one open question in a survey equals one thousand answers to read and analyse. Keyword analytic software lightens the task, fortunately.

Open questions are good quality checkers, too. If a respondent doesn’t answer any of these types of questions, their panel score decreases, which can lead to suspension or disqualification as well.

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